Scope and topics

Presentations in any area of damage and failure mechanics will be welcomed. Specific topics of interest include, but not limited to, the following:

1.Experimental damage mechanics: 

  • Multiscale damage mechanisms characterizations from the materials sciences point of view
  • Structural damage monitoring
  • CT/XCT technique for damage characterization
  • Ultra-high resolution image processing technique for damage and fracture detection
  • Damage detect technique in extreme condition
  • Data fusion based on multi-physical experiments, …


2.Theoretical damage mechanics: 

  • Nano, micro and macro modelling of damages evolution and their effects (or coupling) on the other thermomechanical fields
  • "Negative" or "reversible" damages due to self-healing
  • Analytical models bridging fracture and damage
  • Modelling of stochastic damage
  • Fatigue damage for metallic and brittle materials
  • Rate-dependent damage theory for dynamic and creep deformations, …


3.Computational damage mechanics: 

  • Numerical aspects to solve the associated evolution problems under quasi-static and dynamic loading conditions, and their associated initial and boundary value problems
  • Numerical algorithm of material damage models
  • GFEM and XFEM with damage concepts
  • Mesh-sensitivity problem associated with damage and softening, …


4.Applications to engineering problems:

  • Prediction of damages occurrence in mechanical components and in-service structural-integrity under various complex loading paths.
  • Prediction of damages occurrence in materials forming and manufacturing processes
  • Concrete, cementitious composites, geomaterials and asphalt materials
  • Nano-materials, bio-materials and agro-materials, including the concept of "negative" or "reversible" damages due to self-healing
  • Aging infrastructures and structures
  • Catastrophe of structures under dynamic excitations
  • Stochastic damage and its application to structural reliability

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