Visas and Travels



If you have determined that you DO need a visa to enter the People’s Republic of China, you will need to apply for the right kind of visitor visa. For detail information, please visit a website of the nearest Consulate or Embassy of China.


The invitation letters are provided for the application of the visa but will be only issued to:

  • Authors who have submitted their abstracts
  • Persons who will attend the conference


The request for invitation letters could be sent in two ways: (1) if you have submit your abstracts, please reply the email of abstract review notification; or (2) you can send an email to the conference email address ( to request the invitation letter. Please prepare your email with the subject “Require Invitation Letter for ICDM3. Please download and fill the form (click here), and sent it to us as enclosure. Please be ready to provide your complete official name, date of birth, physical address, email address, and passport number (if available).


The Letter of Invitation will ONLY be sent via email to the email address that you provide. The Letter of Invitation cannot be emailed or sent to the Embassy or P.R.C. Consulate.


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